Yorkshire Pecorino Carbonara Box




When you are short on time and just want a delicious quick recipe to turn to, one that conjures up all the flavours and memories of any trip to Italy, what more could you want than a Carbonara.

We have created this box to help you recreate all those Italian memories in the comfort of your own home, and you can do it quicker than waiting for a take away delivery. This quick and easy to follow recipe has been created using our award winning Yorkshire Pecorino Fiore, we will also put in the finest quality Italian Pancetta.

Our Yorkshire Pecorino Carbonara Box will be enough for 4 people and will include:

500g Spaghetti Delverde

250g Yorkshire Pecorino Fiore

200g Italian Pancetta (this will be vacuum packed and will need to be cut into small cubes)

** due to the logistics involved, we regret that we cannot supply the eggs

Within the box we will include Mario’s recipe for recreating this delicious dish.

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