The Signature Yorkshire Pecorino Cheese Box



A multi selection of artisan cheeses from our award winning range. This Signature Yorkshire Pecorino Cheese Box will also include complimentary Chutney and a box of crackers.

Yorkshire Pecorino Leeds Blue

Perfectly aged for 30 days, producing a beautifully rich, creamy and semi-piquant flavour. We only use the very best Ewes milk, produced locally on a farm in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Our Yorkshire Pecorino Leeds Blue is a multi-award winner within our range, some of these awards are: Gold World Cheese Awards; Gold International Cheese Awards; Gold Artisan Cheese Awards; Gold and Silver at the World Cheese Awards. A perfect topping for steaks and burgers, equally this cheese is just as at home sat alongside our other cheeses on any cheese board.

Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco

A young cheese from our range. Again, this is one of our award winners and one we are very proud of. Through the reduced aging process, this cheese is creamy soft with a yoghurt flavour. We allow the Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco to mature for 30 days using pasteurized local ewes milk and animal rennet. Our Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco has won numerous awards, not least: Super Gold World Cheese Awards; Gold International Cheese Award and Gold Artisan Cheese Award. This cheese is gorgeous in salads, or simply taking pride of place on a cheese board. This is one sure to please any cheese lover.

Yorkshire Pecorino Fiore

This is the oldest cheese in our range, and one of our award winners. Yorkshire Pecorino Fiore is not rushed, we allow the ageing process to take between 6 and 8 months to complete. As a result of this ageing process the cheese has a mild picante flavour producing slightly nutty notes. Yorkshire Pecorino Fiore can be enjoyed on its own, it is also the ideal cheese for grating over any dish. We love to use this grated into a fresh homemade Carbonara.

**Approx 250 grams per cheese